Traffic Operations and Impact Studies

Traffic+ Engineering Ltd. provides comprehensive traffic operations assessments by utilizing the latest proven solutions, best practices, and innovative approaches to improve intersection and roadway corridor operations in a safer and efficient manner. The solutions provided are specifically tailored to the client's needs and requirements, ensuring an optimal outcome by taking into consideration the surrounding environment such as land use and urban design within the allocated budget.

The areas of expertise provided include signalized and unsignalized intersection assessments, roundabout operations, traffic impact studies, corridor operations assessments, and traffic signal design and signage.

Parking and Access Studies

Traffic+ Engineering Ltd. offers parking and access study services for existing and proposed developments to both public and private sector clients. The proven approach that Traffic+ Engineering Ltd. practices is to confirm clear study goals and objectives with our clients prior to undertaking a study. This practice results in minimal cost and minimizes client effort.

We also assist architects with site circulation design services. Vehicle maneuverability is assessed using computerized turning templates by employing AutoTurn, a state of the art software package.

Transit Studies

Traffic+ Engineering Ltd., as a multi-disciplinary transportation firm, provides transit studies that include corridor selection for rapid transit, transit infrastructure, transit corridor operations assessments, and the development of transit signal priority studies.

Traffic+ Engineering Ltd. ensures that transit studies take into consideration the environment where the infrastructure is planned to be implemented, incorporating the municipality's and transit agency’s vision to ensure sustainable transit operations.

Active Transportation and TDM

Traffic+ Engineering Ltd. believes in improving people’s quality of life by integrating the Complete Streets approach which ensures a safe, more convenient, comfortable road network for communities, which is accessible for all users regardless of mode of transportation.

Transportation Demand Management and Active Transportation are achieved through in-depth knowledge of best practices applications combined with transportation engineering and corridor design expertise. This will lead to safe, walkable, bicycle-friendly neighbourhoods, which reflect the local urban fabric.